A few years ago I attended a good friend’s event, and while I was there I noticed she was constantly preoccupied with serving beverages to her guests instead of enjoying her party. That night I had an epiphany – why not have someone serve you?

That made the idea for this business – The Traveling Tapster you can hire who takes care of all your beverage needs and makes sure they’re topped up!

At The Traveling Tapster our mission is to ensure that you enjoy your event, whether it’s a backyard gathering with friends and family or your wedding, we are here for you.

Uniquely Us

“Be your guest”
Because, when you, the Host enjoys your event just as much as your guests do, that means our team at The Traveling Tapster Ltd have done our job and accomplished our goal.

Welcome to The Traveling Tapster Ltd!
Where we come to you and take care of: helping you order the alcohol, the
bartenders/bartending, glassware, bar/cocktail ware, ice/coolers, pop, water, garnishes, paper straws, napkins and security.

Why hire The Traveling Tapster Ltd?
Well, being I am from a big, animated, French family what else is there to say except that entertaining, being sociable, and always ready to organize a party is in my blood and what I love to do!

Between my team and I, we offer Smart Serve Bartenders, a Certified Mixologist; licensed security services.
We are ready to get your party going!

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