About Us

“Be your guest”

Relax and enjoy your event along with your guests.
Because, when you, the Host enjoys your event just as much as your guests do, that means our team at The Traveling Tapster Ltd.  have done our job and accomplished our goal.

Welcome to The Traveling Tapster Ltd!
Where we come to you and take care of: helping you order the alcohol, the bartenders/bartending, glassware, bar/cocktail ware, ice/coolers, pop, water, garnishes, paper straws, napkins and security.

I am Rita, your go to gal and owner of The Traveling Tapster Ltd.
I was born and raised in Northern Ontario where French and English are both my languages, allowing me to provide you a bilingual bartending experience.
London became my home over 25yrs ago. I truly love everything about London and the surrounding areas.

Why hire The Traveling Tapster Ltd? Well, being I am from a big, animated, French family what else is there to say except entertaining, being sociable, always ready to organize a party is in my blood and what I love to do!
Our team offers Smart Serve, licensed, secured, Certified Mixologist ready to get your party going.

How did The Traveling Tapster Ltd. come alive?
I was at a bridal shower. My heart went out to my friend as I watched her flutter around exhausted. She was nervous and rushing to set up the shower. SHE was not having fun.
When guests began arriving I advised Lisa to go spend the time with her family and guests and that I would take care of things.
I did what comes to me naturally and what I love and enjoy doing…  I set up the food,  a drink station, I made and served drinks, took away empty glasses, kept things looking neat, clean and tidy…..I was thoroughly in my element.
I watched as my dear friend Lisa was able to become a guest at her event! I enjoyed watching her smile, laugh,  relax and simply enjoy her daughter’s bridal shower with no stress, anxieties or worries.

It was when a guest said to me “what a great idea you had, allowing Lisa to enjoy the day just as much as her guests are enjoying it!”  AND THAT gave me the IDEA!  why not offer this service to others? and The Traveling Tapster Ltd. was born!
And now I look forward to making your event your best ever! I look forward to chatting with you today.

Rita from the Traveling Tapster